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Trade Review Process

posted Apr 15, 2011, 2:53 PM by Jeff Yager
After compiling the votes, the vote to amend the trade review process rules were fairly evenly split between immediately processing trades and protesting them after the fact and having a 3 day review period on the Yahoo website.  The 3 day review narrowly won, so that's what we'll go with.  

I'll have to manually process the couple trades that happened this week, but from now on, it should work smoothly.  Be aware that you'll need these 3 days to pass before you can change line-ups.  So, trades need to be accepted before Thursday night to have time on Sunday night to insert them into your line-up.

We can further tweak the length of that review process if we want.  Is two days or four days more optimal?  I'm not sure.  The one advantage of having a Yahoo trade review is that everyone gets an email when a trade happens when this setting is used as Eric pointed out to me. I think that's a pretty good thing, so that might be reason enough to keep it at some level.