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Rule Survey Results

posted Mar 21, 2011, 7:51 AM by Jeff Yager
Thanks to everyone that filled out the survey.  Based on these results, I have decided to go with the following rules.  The league rules page should be updated, and the yahoo website should be updated as well.  

  1. Roster positions:  13 hitters and 9 pitchers option won a strong majority of the vote.  Yahoo leagues limit us to 30 total players on our rosters, so that means there will only be 8 bench spots.  However, I think we will be expanding our rosters with some kind of practice squad or farm club type system.  Throughout this inaugural season we can debate on how that will look in future years.
  2. Stat categories:  On Base % won a slim majority over Average.  While batting average is the more traditional stat, I like rewarding hitters for walks, as we are already punishing pitchers for walks with the WHIP stat.  It will be a slight inconvenience to adjust rankings that use batting average, but I think it's worth it.  
  3. Waiver wire:  We'll be using this website for the waiver wire transactions.  
    1. Blind bids will be submitted via this form and the bidding will close every other Thursday at midnight Central time.  The first waiver wire period will close on Thursday, April 14th at midnight. The second waiver wire period will close Thursday April 28th.
    2. Free Agents will be available beginning the following week. For now, I will have to manually change the rosters.  I will try to do this every Friday morning, so you have plenty of time to change your starting roster.  If for some reason I haven't gotten to it and you won't have time to change it before Sunday night, you can email me what you want your starting roster to look like the next week, and I can make those changes.
    3. If there are ties in the bidding for a player, the lower team in the standings will be awarded the player.  If they're both tied, whoever has fewer remaining salary cap dollars will win the bid.  If they're still both tied, a gun fight dual will determine the winning bid.
    4. For each bid, you need to indicate which player you will waive to make room for your addition.  That player then is available for the next waiver wire period.
    5. You can make up to 2 conditional bids.  For example, let's say I need a 3B, and Danny Valencia, Chipper Jones, and Scott Rolen are all on the waiver wire.  I need one of the 3, but I don't want to win all three.  I can put a bid on Rolen for $5, with a 1st conditional bid on Jones for $3, and a 2nd conditional bid on Valencia for $8.  You will need to indicate a player to drop for each bid, and they can all be different players or the same player for each bid.  
    6. You can make as many unique bids as you like as long as your max amount of bids you could possibly win remains under your salary cap.  
    7. You can change (raise or lower) your bids as often as you want until the bidding closes on Thursday at midnight.  The most recent submission for a particular player will be the bid considered.
It think that about covers it.  If you think there's a loophole in the system, please let me know so we can close it.