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Proposed Off-season Schedule

posted Oct 16, 2011, 11:16 PM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Jan 9, 2012, 2:42 PM ]
Effectively Immediately
  • Trading is open.
  • Rosters expand to 40 players
November 30
  • Contract extensions period end
  • Anyone not resigned is a free agent.
January 1st
  • Yearly Dues Due
    • If not paid, team is for sale going to highest bidder.
    • Team is contracted if no one buys it by the start of the Prospect Draft. Players returned to pool.
  • Expansion franchise fees due.
    • Must find new owners by this date.
    • Will be given choice to buy existing franchises that are for sale.
January 15: 
  • Prospect draft
    • 5 rounds
      • Reverse order of standings
      • Expansion teams go first
    • All players drafted must be eligible for Rookie of the Year award for upcoming season
    • Each pick will be on the clock for 24 hours from previous pick or 36 hours from two previous picks, or 48 hours from 3 previous picks, whichever time is longest.  (That will prevent a quick series of picks to make an owner unprepared.)  
    • You can submit a list of picks to the commissioner in advance if you think you will be unavailable for a day.  
    • All players drafted will be given a salary of $1.
    • For every year they stay on farm team without getting called up to the Major League club, they get a raise of $1.
Early March: 
  • Free Agent auction  (March 11th?)
    • All teams will have $300 - ($1 for each prospect drafted) - ($ from contract extensions) for the auction.
    • Expansion teams will be able to designate $50 as signing bonus to reduce future contract costs. Max $ per player based on sliding scale.
Opening Day:
  • Farm Team Designation Deadline
    • 30 player Major League roster finalized. 
    • 10 players designated to the farm team
      • All teams will be given chance to put anyone on their farm team without penalty THIS SEASON ONLY. 
      • From this point forward, only players in their option year can be transferred without passing through waivers first.
    • All players drafted and put on the farm club will be given an option year.
      • When first promoted to Major League club, they use that option year
      • During that option year, they can be moved between the farm club and Major League club without going through waivers.