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Off-season 2013

posted Feb 1, 2013, 8:30 AM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 8:35 AM ]
The off-season is wrapping up, the trucks are being loaded up, and spring training is right around the corner. You have a few options with your roster you need to decide upon before spring training gets going though. Visit the Teams tab to view your current roster.
  1. For players already under contract, you will see their 2013 salary in that column. No action is needed for these players.
  2. For ML extension eligible players, you can extend their current contracts for 1 year at the same price as 2012 or for 2 years at 90% (rounded to nearest $1) of their 2012 contract.
  3. For Farm Team extension eligible players, you can renew their contracts with a $1 raise. 
  4. Anyone contracts you don't want to extend, those players become free agents and enter the Free Agent Auction (or draft, if eligible).
There are a couple things to consider when making these crucial decisions. First, you will only be able to draft as many prospects in the Prospect Draft as you have open spots on your farm club at the start of the draft. You can move players up to your ML roster or release them if you need to make room. 

Second, any of your players that are now free agents, you will have a chance to resign during the Auction. If you win your own player, you will receive a Hometown Discount rebate after the auction of 10%. See Rule 2.d.iv

Finally, we may be adding an expansion team. That's tentative still, so if another team and extra money in the auction will change your decision, I will let you know by Feb. 15th if we are expanding or not.