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New Rules for 2013

posted Feb 14, 2013, 1:55 PM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Feb 14, 2013, 1:56 PM ]
After getting some good input from a few owners over the off-season, I have edited our rules. The Rules page should be up-to-date, so if there are any questions or discrepancies, let me know. 

1. First, we will do away with the "option" year for prospects. It was confusing and could have created a "super 2"-like loophole. Removing it means that you'll want to be more selective when calling up your prospects from the farm team, but I don't think it alters decision making too much. So now anytime you want to move a player down to the farm team, he'll need to pass through waivers. Which leads us to ...

2. We're changing the waiver wire process and going to a continuous waiver wire system. This will allow more flexibility to your roster instead of waiting for the end of the month, but still gives everyone a chance to bid on players. It's a similar system used by Fangraphs fantasy league for those familiar with that. This system will allow me to at least semi-automate it, so it'll mean less work for me too.

In-Season Free Agent Bidding:
There will be a form on the website that you will be able to initiate an auction on an individual player. After entering your bid, it will send an email out to the entire league letting everyone know that the player is up for bid. All bids will be blind. The auction will be open for 4 days, and at the end of that time the winning bid is awarded the player. Ties go to the lower team in the standings.
Waiving or Releasing players:
The process will be similar. You will select a player from your roster to waive or release. An email will go out to the league indicating that player has been waived. Teams will have 4 days to submit a claim for that player. After 4 days, the player will be awarded to the team with the highest waiver priority. If unclaimed, the player will be eligible to be put on the farm team or be a free agent depending on if waived or released.