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First Waiver Wire Auction

posted Mar 13, 2012, 11:58 AM by Jeff Yager
With the Free Agent Auction behind us, the regular season is closer than ever. Everyone now has a full 30 man roster but still has room on their farm team to add guys. This will make the first waiver wire auction a very active one.  In light of this, I will be modifying the procedure slightly to make it a little bit more simple.  Here's how it will work.

Before midnight on March 31st, submit via the IowaBaseballConfederacy.com website bids on players in the order of your preference of acquisition. You will not have to designate any players for waivers unless you want to acquire more than the number of empty roster spots on your 40 man roster.

For example, my blind bid could read:

1. Drew Butera $1
2. Trevor Plouffe $3
3. Jason Kubel $2
4. Glen Perkins $3
5. Carl Pavano $1
6. Nick Blackburn $2

Designated for Assignment:
1. Brandon McCarthy

Once the winning bids on each player has been determined, you will be notified of your winning bids. For every empty roster spot, the players you've won will be added to your roster automatically in the order of your preference. Once you've run out of roster spots, you will have 48 hours from notification to make a roster move.  

So, in the above scenario, if Yogi's Bears wins all 6 of those bids, I have 5 open roster spots, so Butera, Plouffe, Kubel, Perkins, and Pavano would all be added to my roster. I will have 48 hours to decide which player I want to keep, Blackburn or McCarthy.  If I do nothing in 48 hours, McCarthy will be released and Blackburn added to my roster.  

For this first auction only, players will be added to the farm roster. In future waiver wire auctions, players will be added directly to the Major League roster. Then, you'll have to choose to either demote a ML player to the farm team (where he may or may not have to go through waivers first) or release them outright. But, for this first auction, you can put players anywhere on your ML or farm team.