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Farm Team Rules

posted Mar 13, 2012, 12:15 PM by Jeff Yager
The farm teams will become static on April 30th. Every team may move players up and down between their ML and farm teams throughout April without having to pass players through waivers.  After May 1st, the only players that can be demoted from the ML level to the farm team without going through waivers are players with an option left. For this year, that's everyone taken in the Prospect Draft. 

As far as how you should construct your rosters, you are free to do so how you feel fit, but I'll share how I plan on constructing mine. I plan on using my MLB bench spots for MLB starters who get regular playing time and could fill in if a guy is slumping or gets a short term injury. My farm club will consist of about 5 future prospects and about another 5 guys who are perhaps not getting regular MLB playing time (on the DL, back-ups, AAA players, or are in the bullpen and not closing), but if their MLB role changed, they could be productive IBC players. 

Have fun and experiment with this. If you have questions about it, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to clarify anything.