Fantasy Baseball Done Right

Welcome to the Iowa Baseball Confederacy (IBC). We're a bunch of nerdy jocks who have a passion for baseball. We look to recreate the GM experience of the MLB. You make long-term decisions that affect the franchise's success. From signing top free agents to big contracts in the offseason auction, to drafting prospects in a draft, to deciding when to call up the heralded top prospect, to finding the bargain basement missing pieces off the waiver wire that complete the puzzle for a winning team. 

 If you're interested in obtaining a franchise, we are expanding to 12 teams for 2012. Take a look around and contact Jeff Yager or Eric Schaefer if interested.

New Rules for 2013

posted Feb 14, 2013, 1:55 PM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Feb 14, 2013, 1:56 PM ]

After getting some good input from a few owners over the off-season, I have edited our rules. The Rules page should be up-to-date, so if there are any questions or discrepancies, let me know. 

1. First, we will do away with the "option" year for prospects. It was confusing and could have created a "super 2"-like loophole. Removing it means that you'll want to be more selective when calling up your prospects from the farm team, but I don't think it alters decision making too much. So now anytime you want to move a player down to the farm team, he'll need to pass through waivers. Which leads us to ...

2. We're changing the waiver wire process and going to a continuous waiver wire system. This will allow more flexibility to your roster instead of waiting for the end of the month, but still gives everyone a chance to bid on players. It's a similar system used by Fangraphs fantasy league for those familiar with that. This system will allow me to at least semi-automate it, so it'll mean less work for me too.

In-Season Free Agent Bidding:
There will be a form on the website that you will be able to initiate an auction on an individual player. After entering your bid, it will send an email out to the entire league letting everyone know that the player is up for bid. All bids will be blind. The auction will be open for 4 days, and at the end of that time the winning bid is awarded the player. Ties go to the lower team in the standings.
Waiving or Releasing players:
The process will be similar. You will select a player from your roster to waive or release. An email will go out to the league indicating that player has been waived. Teams will have 4 days to submit a claim for that player. After 4 days, the player will be awarded to the team with the highest waiver priority. If unclaimed, the player will be eligible to be put on the farm team or be a free agent depending on if waived or released.

New Owner

posted Feb 12, 2013, 6:40 PM by Jeff Yager

Welcome to the IBC, Scott Brown. Scott is a friend of Eric, Mike, and Al's and I'll paraphrase Eric's introduction of Scott. He is currently a PhD candidate in the department of kinesology at the University of Minnesota. More importantly, he's a huge baseball fan, having been to something like 25 of the 30 MLB stadiums, and an even bigger Los Angeles Angels fan (he was born in LA).  He especially likes Vernon Wells and Wells' contract.

If we don't lose any owners, he will be granted an expansion franchise. As a reminder, we decided not to do any kind of expansion draft, but instead $50 of his budget can be allocated to signing bonus money for players signed during the free agent auction. The expansion franchise will be picking 1st in the Prospect Draft

Off-season 2013

posted Feb 1, 2013, 8:30 AM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 8:35 AM ]

The off-season is wrapping up, the trucks are being loaded up, and spring training is right around the corner. You have a few options with your roster you need to decide upon before spring training gets going though. Visit the Teams tab to view your current roster.
  1. For players already under contract, you will see their 2013 salary in that column. No action is needed for these players.
  2. For ML extension eligible players, you can extend their current contracts for 1 year at the same price as 2012 or for 2 years at 90% (rounded to nearest $1) of their 2012 contract.
  3. For Farm Team extension eligible players, you can renew their contracts with a $1 raise. 
  4. Anyone contracts you don't want to extend, those players become free agents and enter the Free Agent Auction (or draft, if eligible).
There are a couple things to consider when making these crucial decisions. First, you will only be able to draft as many prospects in the Prospect Draft as you have open spots on your farm club at the start of the draft. You can move players up to your ML roster or release them if you need to make room. 

Second, any of your players that are now free agents, you will have a chance to resign during the Auction. If you win your own player, you will receive a Hometown Discount rebate after the auction of 10%. See Rule 2.d.iv

Finally, we may be adding an expansion team. That's tentative still, so if another team and extra money in the auction will change your decision, I will let you know by Feb. 15th if we are expanding or not.

Scoring Corrections

posted Jul 15, 2012, 12:39 AM by Jeff Yager

Who in the What Now?
Add Salvador Perez's numbers for the first week in July.
Jul 2, 2012 to Jul 8, 2012KCR662-422226900230010000100.409.409.6821.091.368.830.1811.65

Driveway Ball
Wilin Rosario
Jul 2, 2012 to Jul 8, 2012COL542-316151400111040000000.267.313.467.779.300.74-0.048-0.06
Kurt Suzuki
Jul 3, 2012 to Jul 7, 2012OAK221-1660200000010000000.333.333.333.667.400.790.076-0.03
Tom Wilhelmsen

Jul 2, 2012 to Jul 6, 2012SEA20101-1W-L:0-0,Sv:1,BSv:11.52.110031000.001

Scott Diamond
121982Jul 5MIN@DETL,3-7GS-747.052214002.6226916011914731062000252001001.400.
Casey Jannsen
Jul 3, 2012 to Jul 8, 2012TOR30303-0W-L:0-0,Sv:32.03.220004000.0013.

Tommny Milone
172284Jul 6OAKSEAW,4-1GS-757.061119003.57271077019155123506901126000000.880.2432.401t start tie

Farm Team Rules

posted Mar 13, 2012, 12:15 PM by Jeff Yager

The farm teams will become static on April 30th. Every team may move players up and down between their ML and farm teams throughout April without having to pass players through waivers.  After May 1st, the only players that can be demoted from the ML level to the farm team without going through waivers are players with an option left. For this year, that's everyone taken in the Prospect Draft. 

As far as how you should construct your rosters, you are free to do so how you feel fit, but I'll share how I plan on constructing mine. I plan on using my MLB bench spots for MLB starters who get regular playing time and could fill in if a guy is slumping or gets a short term injury. My farm club will consist of about 5 future prospects and about another 5 guys who are perhaps not getting regular MLB playing time (on the DL, back-ups, AAA players, or are in the bullpen and not closing), but if their MLB role changed, they could be productive IBC players. 

Have fun and experiment with this. If you have questions about it, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to clarify anything.

First Waiver Wire Auction

posted Mar 13, 2012, 11:58 AM by Jeff Yager

With the Free Agent Auction behind us, the regular season is closer than ever. Everyone now has a full 30 man roster but still has room on their farm team to add guys. This will make the first waiver wire auction a very active one.  In light of this, I will be modifying the procedure slightly to make it a little bit more simple.  Here's how it will work.

Before midnight on March 31st, submit via the website bids on players in the order of your preference of acquisition. You will not have to designate any players for waivers unless you want to acquire more than the number of empty roster spots on your 40 man roster.

For example, my blind bid could read:

1. Drew Butera $1
2. Trevor Plouffe $3
3. Jason Kubel $2
4. Glen Perkins $3
5. Carl Pavano $1
6. Nick Blackburn $2

Designated for Assignment:
1. Brandon McCarthy

Once the winning bids on each player has been determined, you will be notified of your winning bids. For every empty roster spot, the players you've won will be added to your roster automatically in the order of your preference. Once you've run out of roster spots, you will have 48 hours from notification to make a roster move.  

So, in the above scenario, if Yogi's Bears wins all 6 of those bids, I have 5 open roster spots, so Butera, Plouffe, Kubel, Perkins, and Pavano would all be added to my roster. I will have 48 hours to decide which player I want to keep, Blackburn or McCarthy.  If I do nothing in 48 hours, McCarthy will be released and Blackburn added to my roster.  

For this first auction only, players will be added to the farm roster. In future waiver wire auctions, players will be added directly to the Major League roster. Then, you'll have to choose to either demote a ML player to the farm team (where he may or may not have to go through waivers first) or release them outright. But, for this first auction, you can put players anywhere on your ML or farm team. 

Trade Announcement

posted Jan 26, 2012, 8:05 PM by Jeff Yager

The draft war room phones have been busy, and this trade announcement has just reached the commissioner's desk. Here's what each team receives.

The Bay City Rollers:
Jeremy Hellickson (2012: $7, 2013: $7)

Bad Decisions
Freddie Freeman (2012: $5)
Jhonny Peralta (2012: $5)
The Bay City Rollers 2012 3rd round pick (#21 overall)

Proposed Auction Date: March 11th, 6 pm Central

posted Jan 12, 2012, 2:28 PM by Jeff Yager

I am suggesting an auction date of March 11th at 6 pm Central. If you cannot make this time, please suggest other times. If we have several options, I will put up a poll to see what is the most popular.

Prospect Draft to Start Monday, January 23rd

posted Jan 12, 2012, 9:35 AM by Jeff Yager

Due to getting a new owner orientated and myself organized, we will start the Prospect Draft on Monday, January 23rd.  

Check out the new Prospect Draft page for more details.  Each team will be on the clock for 24 hours, but let's try and keep it moving faster than 1 pick per day. I would like to finish by the time pitchers and catchers report.  Start consulting prospect rankings! 

Proposed Off-season Schedule

posted Oct 16, 2011, 11:16 PM by Jeff Yager   [ updated Jan 9, 2012, 2:42 PM ]

Effectively Immediately
  • Trading is open.
  • Rosters expand to 40 players
November 30
  • Contract extensions period end
  • Anyone not resigned is a free agent.
January 1st
  • Yearly Dues Due
    • If not paid, team is for sale going to highest bidder.
    • Team is contracted if no one buys it by the start of the Prospect Draft. Players returned to pool.
  • Expansion franchise fees due.
    • Must find new owners by this date.
    • Will be given choice to buy existing franchises that are for sale.
January 15: 
  • Prospect draft
    • 5 rounds
      • Reverse order of standings
      • Expansion teams go first
    • All players drafted must be eligible for Rookie of the Year award for upcoming season
    • Each pick will be on the clock for 24 hours from previous pick or 36 hours from two previous picks, or 48 hours from 3 previous picks, whichever time is longest.  (That will prevent a quick series of picks to make an owner unprepared.)  
    • You can submit a list of picks to the commissioner in advance if you think you will be unavailable for a day.  
    • All players drafted will be given a salary of $1.
    • For every year they stay on farm team without getting called up to the Major League club, they get a raise of $1.
Early March: 
  • Free Agent auction  (March 11th?)
    • All teams will have $300 - ($1 for each prospect drafted) - ($ from contract extensions) for the auction.
    • Expansion teams will be able to designate $50 as signing bonus to reduce future contract costs. Max $ per player based on sliding scale.
Opening Day:
  • Farm Team Designation Deadline
    • 30 player Major League roster finalized. 
    • 10 players designated to the farm team
      • All teams will be given chance to put anyone on their farm team without penalty THIS SEASON ONLY. 
      • From this point forward, only players in their option year can be transferred without passing through waivers first.
    • All players drafted and put on the farm club will be given an option year.
      • When first promoted to Major League club, they use that option year
      • During that option year, they can be moved between the farm club and Major League club without going through waivers.

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